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Display Screen Equipment

A Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation assessment is sometimes referred to as a VDU assessment.

The Law

An assessment of employees’ workstations is an employer’s legal obligation, and the employer is also required to provide adequate training on the use of DSE in the workplace.

The Cost

DSE and workstation issues such as repetitive strain injury and other work-related upper limb disorders have been the cause of many significant litigious claims levied upon employers in the UK recently. Employees have often been faced with debilitating injury, with companies facing massive pay-outs.

The Solution

Comply at Work can assist your business in meeting legislative obligations by carrying out your DSE workstation assessments. During the process, full consideration is given to the layout of workstations, equipment used, along with operator and environmental factors using a comprehensive format.


When conducting your DSE assessments, we automatically incorporate on-the-job training for all operators, personalised during each assessment. We also offer assessor training, so that you can have a competent person in-house to complete DSE assessments where needed.

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All in all, our assessments, workstation set-up advice and training are invaluable in demonstrating that your organisation is doing everything reasonably practicable to control the hazards associated with DSE in the workplace. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements.